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Oasis Church is focused on loving people through humanitarian efforts, discipleship, and connections. Look forward to energizing praise & worship, a dynamic message that will take your faith to another level, and a multi-generational and multi-cultural community. This is what you will experience when you visit Oasis. Let us know if it’s your first time. We would love to connect with you and give you an Oasis welcome experience.

We Value People through Humanitarian Efforts, Discipleship & Connection.

Oasis exists to celebrate God’s presence through worship, to effectively communicate the Gospel by way of evangelism; to educate families through Christian fellowship; to build people up through discipleship, and to demonstrate God’s love through ministry.

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Anthony Murray is a trendsetter, visionary and transformational leader. He has a genuine love and passion for people and a profuse love for God. Created for the contemporary Christian lifestyle, Anthony Murray has been given a New Ministry for a New Day.

To Connect and Partner with Pastor Anthony Murray, text AMM to 52866



If you’re experiencing a difficult time email lifeline@oasisfamilylife.com. Someone from our team will reach out to you and offer prayer and support.

Connect with Us

If it’s your first time joinng us or if you’ve been with us for a minute we’d love to hear from you. Please take a moment to fill out a digital connect card.

Watch Online

Get Unlocked by Pastor Anthony Murray by joining Oasis for in person service or by watching Oasis Online Experience.

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Oasis is a judgement free zone. 

A Judgement
Free Zone