Find Peace: Learn How To Say No

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Find Peace: Learn How To Say No

Anything you do that does not bring peace to your mental health you should start telling no. Some things have been ingrained in family tradition, and you’ve never been able to say you did not want to participate. Now it’s time to learn how to say no to certain things and instead say yes to your peace. 

You do not have to make a grand announcement and try to get people to agree with you. The only thing you want to agree with is what makes peace for you; you do not have to give a big explanation. Instead, learn how to be unavailable.

How To Be Unavailable

Most traditions are planned at the same time every time. If you find yourself always submitting to what is normal for others but upsetting to you, it’s time to make a change. 

For example, every year you find yourself going to the mall with your family and spending funds you didn’t plan, and now you are doing something else during that time. When it’s time to plan for the coming year, let the family know you will not be available during that time. 

Instead, make plans to attend another gathering at the same time so that your absence won’t be conspicuous. 

What Do You Want To Do?

Have you ever considered planning your life out for the things that you want to do? Have you even asked yourself what you want to do? If you answered no, that’s the reason why you are so available.    

Try something new for the coming year. Spend some time considering what you want to do! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vision board, but it could be a journal with some planned activities for the coming year.  

How To Find Peace

Many people have quoted a particular principle incorrectly or, even worse, they have misunderstood it. In Matthew 22:36-38, a student asked Jesus what is the greatest commandment in all the law. Jesus’ reply gave him two principles to follow: love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.  

Jesus called them two Commandments, not three. The first one is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and the second one is to love your neighbor as yourself. 

When you put your neighbor in front of you, you actually are not following God’s plan. Do you want peace? You must put you and your neighbor in the same spot, loving yourself and your neighbor the same way.

This is the greatest principle you can follow to find peace! 

Saying Yes or No Will Affect You and Others

I have seen too many people tell themselves no to something, and then they have people who follow their example because they didn’t have the strength to say no themselves. That is the strength of learning how to say no to some things and yes to yourself. Not only will you be helping yourself, you will also help others who watch you work. 

Make this season enjoyable by planning some changes for the coming year. You’ll be so glad you did! Be someone who is a leader to their mental health. You’ll be helping more than just yourself.

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